By The Founders

Naray was founded in May 2018 in Yogyakarta, a lovely city in Indonesia that rich in cultural heritage and tradition. Despite its rich culture, many young generations abandoned the tradition, such as weaving fabric, because it’s not economically prospective anymore. There are only older women that continue weaving the fabric, even though the demand and prices are low. NARAY aim to preserve this tradition, by helping them turn the handwoven fabrics into beautiful products.

NARAY means “HOPE” in sanskrit. We’re on a hopeful mission to empower indigenous artisans by working together to make fashionable shoes. Each pair of NARAY held the hopes of our artisans for better tomorrow.

We desire to develop a project which is ethically and economically responsible, from the buying of the raw materials to the creation of the shoes. We believe we can build a sustainable and respectful project that can give benefits to our community with your help.



Weaving is one of the cultural tradition in Indonesia. Many region has its own traditional fabrics, such as in Yogyakarta. It is famous for its ‘batik’ and ‘lurik’ textiles. However, Yogyakarta also has a handwoven fabric that is not so well known to the public, which is “stagen”. Stagen is popular in ancient times, used by the mothers, especially after giving birth. It is wrapped around the waist to help them tighten their bodies. There is a village called Moyudan in Yogyakarta which is known to have a tradition of weaving stagen, which inspires us to create this project.

However, as time goes by, people do not use stagen anymore. We have corsets, which is more modern and more practical. Due to the low demands, it does not have good selling price. Unfortunately, sometimes weaving stagen is the only thing of the mothers in Moyudan can do to support their family to provide food to the table. Therefore, we partnering with them to make something amazing from stagen. We buy the fabrics directly from them in the fair price, hence they can continue preserving the tradition, pass it on to the next generation, and gain a better standard of living at the same time.